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Doubts and fears, and doubts... oh my!

Enlightenment isn't what I thought it was...

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The Netri Institute 
Your Weekly "Wake Up" 

Each week you'll get a dose of the inspiration, personal breakthroughs, and soul food that truly transforms your life. This is a weekly talk that will make you think, bring up insights and realizations, and support you in your own  personal awakening.


Plus you'll join an evolving and like-minded community right here in Midtown Memphis! Here you will find what you've been looking for: a community that's asking questions, growing, and being REAL with each other. 

Here at the Netri Institute, over the years of working with people, working on ourselves, and observing what it really is to be awake and inspired, we've boiled it down to these 5 Core Principles--basically, this is an idea of what we mean by "Awakened and Inspired Living."

#1. Authentic Foundation

A "foundation" is the beliefs and perceptions that your life is based on. Most of us have a foundation for our lives that's based on some version of “I’m not seen” or "I'm not good enough" or "I'm not worthy." 

Most of us have unrealized gifts, talents, and genius that was never seen, nourished, or encouraged. So we may find ourselves with jobs or careers that match who we “think we should be” rather than what really makes our hearts sing. We may find ourselves in relationships that don’t feel quite right, or in some cases, even abusive, because we are unconsciously telling people how to treat us. We can find ourselves in poor health or suffering from chronic pain because of the consistent level of stress that comes from turning against our own authentic self.

When you are on an authentic foundation of truly knowing your worth, knowing that you are deeply and unconditionally loved, you know and take full ownership and express your gifts, talents, and unique genius. A consistent feeling of inner peace can sustain, and life “clicks.”

You also begin to manifest more aligned situations, circumstances, and experiences, because you’re no longer manifesting unconscious patterns anymore.

#2: Conscious Choices

When you operate on an authentic foundation, and you can see who you actually are then can you truly make conscious choices.

Most of us are making thousands of unconscious little micro choices throughout the day, that match our deepest fears and insecurities.We have no idea that we are consistently creating, with those unconscious choices, the realities and experiences that we're trying to avoid.

When you truly know your value, you can make choices that are right for you. When you "wake up" to the truth, and embody your own true worth, you begin to naturally and organically make choices that are in alignment with that.

When you can make choices from a place of awareness, you no longer are unconsciously creating painful experiences, and your life feels empowered, peaceful, and aligned.

#3: Authentic and Free Expression

When you operate on an authentic foundation, and you're able to make conscious choices, you experience one of the most freakin' awesome things ever, which is the ability to fully express yourself.

Expressing yourself is not just about saying what you want to say, but about doing what you want to do. Being who you want to be. It's letting the world see who you are, and feeling good about being seen.

Most people are holding down years of repressed feelings, emotions, thoughts, and dreams which cause stress, disease, and regrets.

Full expression is being able to let life flow without trying to constantly stop, control, or avoid. It feels sooooo good.

#4: Intimate Community

Community is KEY to growth, but not just any community. People that truly KNOW you. People that know your dark, your light, your genius, and your story. People who can truly celebrate, encourage, and support you. A good community of like-minded people can accelerate your awakening.

When you're part of a community that is all on some kind of a transformation journey, it can "normalize" awakened and inspired living, instead of feeling so "different" from everyone around you.

#5: Unique Contribution

Now that you know you're awesome, you can make amazing choices for yourself, express what's inside, and have a community that holds you, it become inevitable that you can and will naturally contribute to the world in your own very unique way.

Your unique contribution is what you share with the world around you. When you are you, and not trying to be someone else, the contribution you make is one that feels good to make. It feels right. This is when you find fulfilling, right livelihood, rich relationships, and ultimately... a feeling of belonging in the world AS YOU.

Everything we do centers around these 5 core principles.

Each week I'll rotate between these to keep the talks fresh, interesting, and helps you to continue to learn how to use your consciousness for awakened and inspired living--which is your birthright!


Here's what we'll do each week:


  • Welcoming and opening meditation

  • A Talk on the subject of the week (aligned with one of the core principles)

  • Brief Q&A

  • Announcements on upcoming events & workshops

  • Community connection time


The Netri Institute is a small venue, so space IS limited, so get there early and get your spot.


Weekly Wake Up: FEELING the Flow of Abundance, Truth, and Love

Sunday 01/26/2020

Doors open at 11AM, we begin promptly at 11:30AM

This Sunday, we're going to do something really cool. Instead of teaching on these, I'm going to give you an experience that may connect you to the FEELING of them.

Often, we can talk about truth, abundance, and love, but if you don't know what the actually FEEL like, it's really hard to know when you're in alignment and when you're not. Let's play in the realm of feelings this week. It'll be awesome!

REGISTER HERE for the next Weekly Wake Up: