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What is real love?

The Huge Problem with Fu*king "Spiritual" People

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The Netri Institute 

Synergy Breakthrough 1-Day Intensive

Synergy is created when people gather together to experience something that’s greater than what’s possible for us alone.


When we come together with an intention to breakthrough our deepest blocks and barriers to truth and freedom, that energy leads to awakenings in consciousness for the entire room.


This powerful 1-day intensive can help you shift limiting beliefs and perceptions, create strong bonds and community, and accelerate your awakening.

Meet the Facilitator: Anastasia Netri


"There is nothing more I love than witnessing someone 'get it.' It's the most glorious moment: seeing right into the loving, powerful core of a person's true being. Over the years I've gotten very good at facilitating that experience.


In this 1-day intensive, I will begin by deeply tuning into the energy of the room. I will select someone to work with while the rest of the group either watches, or in some cases, even participates. The right person is always selected.


As I work with them to either see, feel, process, or realize something that is profound and life-changing, the entire room is activated. Lit up. More conscious, aware, and awake. Together, we create something magical!


Something in them wakes up something in you. What they see, you see in just the way you need to. Either by receiving the focus or simply witnessing, you will uncover something--and you'll realize that it was exactly what you needed.

This is Synergy. Synergy creates breakthroughs for everyone."

Register now by choosing the option below that works best for you. 

(Other options are available, just ask us and we'll work with you in any way we can.)

Register for Saturday, December 7th

10AM - 6PM

Option #1:

1 Payment of $144 

Register for Saturday, December 7th

10AM - 6PM

Option #2:

2 Payments of $75

When you get registered, you'll receive an email within 24 hours with all the info you need to attend.


This intensive will be held at the Netri Institute in Memphis, TN.

Get ready to experience something that you've never seen anywhere before! You'll walk away with new insights, friends, and awareness that can lead to more freedom, purpose, and intimacy.

Please call or email us (information below) if you have any questions at all, or would like to choose a different payment plan based on your budget. 

Here's to your awakening!

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