March 6, 2020


We refer, so much, to things we don’t like about ourselves as “imperfections” or “flaws.” When we really examine this… it doesn’t hold up. Here’s why:

For something to be imperfect, a “perfect” MUST exist. This is huge now, because again, if YOU are imperfect, there MUST be someone out there who is perfect, someone who has none of the qualities that you are labeling as “imperfections.”

Human beings are extremely complex. All of us. We ALL have dark and light, strengths and weaknesses, an array of emotions, mental and physical states. We all know health and sickness, high and low, and everything in between. Most of the time, when we think of a vision of “perfection,” collectively we are picturing someone who is ONLY one side of this, and that does not exist, ever, because it is inhuman.

For a human, PERFECT means whole. EVEN if you are fragmented, which most people are (this means having repressed emotions, gifts, shadows and light, etc that have not been “owned” yet) you are still whole, ultimately.

Most of the way people are holding perfection in their mind is an idealized version of themselves, a photoshopped “you” that has no “undesirable” qualities at all. If that’s what you want to be then guess what? You are hiding. From yourself and everyone else. That is not perfection. That is repression.

So I invite you to stop talking about qualities you’ve not accepted as imperfections, because that will unconsciously keep you thinking that you are in any way less than… something. Or someone. And you’re not. You’re just not. You are perfect. All of those things you have in you are nothing more than your absolute divinity, which INCLUDES your humanity. Divinity doesn’t dismiss humanity, or look down on it. Only some false identity (ego) “looks down” on humanity. This is one of the things we think so often: that reaching our divinity is by transcending our humanity. And that’s just so backwards.

Divinity is not reached. It’s realized. By embracing one’s humanity.

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