What is a “higher calling?”

March 6, 2020


My definition of a higher calling is this: A idea, vision, or intuitive nudge that comes with a very expansive feeling in your body. Something that feels “right.”

A higher calling may be a vision we’ve had our whole life. But that’s not how it works for everyone. Sometimes, a higher calling may reveal itself in several small steps, because, depending on our history, one’s consciousness would never accept whatever that vision is where they are currently.

In that case, you may need a few steps. Our higher calling may start asking us to do little things here and there, look at this or that, heal this or that… and then present us with that vision—precisely at the moment where we can (even if it still scares you a little) say… “hmmmm… I could actually see that!” Life has a way of working out that way.

As you’ve probably heard me say before, there is another reason for a higher calling than achieving or creating something, and it’s this:


You see, right now most people do not really follow their higher calling, they follow their fear. Fear makes false promises. Fear says things like this…

“Follow me and you’ll feel safe.”
“Follow me and you’ll feel peaceful.”
“Follow me and you’ll feel good enough.”

So you do. And over and over again, it never, ever, ever, ever delivers. I ask you now to not take my word for this, but to fact check this for yourself.

Fear always lies, but it’s compelling, because well, it’s saying that if you DON’T do what it says, really bad things will happen. And of course, we don’t want that, right?

A higher calling, aka guidance, will ask you to do things, and fear will come up and say… “Don’t follow that! That’s crazy! Bad things will happen! Stick with meeeeeee!”

I bring this to your awareness now, today, to have a moment that may bring an a’ha. I invite you to stop scrolling for a minute. Or print this out, or save it for later.

I promise this…when we can see up close all the things that fear has promised us and has yet to deliver, that’s the first step to no longer following it.

We may always have fears. But our life becomes what it was meant to be when we stop FOLLOWING it. The only way I’ve found is to fact check it. It’s like someone who has made false promises and kept you hanging on for years, when we stop and say….”now wait a minute here…” that’s the moment where the voice begins to lose it’s power.

That could be right now.

Hope this serves you today.

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