Enlightenment isn't what I thought it was...

January 22, 2020


In my experience, "enlightenment" is something that I didn't expect. And since then, I feel like I've gotten enlightened about enlightenment. LOL 😆


Again...the following is only my experience and reality, but I feel this is a valuable learning to share.


I used to think enlightenment was an experience in which all the lies, including everything I didn't like about myself AND all of my pain would just go POOF and be gone.


Defining it that way basically, was me wanting to be disassociated from everything I didn't want. I wasn't really running towards something, I was running away from something. And as you know, what you resist, persists. So true.


Now, after years of deep healing work, I have come to see enlightenment as a realization of truth (which it actually is) and not a dissociated state. And, instead of a one time thing, I get to experience enlightenment and the bliss that comes with it over and over again.


🦋Every time I relate to my pain, illness, anxiety, fear, or stress as a holy and sacred messenger, and look at it, I see or realize something that is so valuable, that now that pain becomes integrated and alchemized into a learning which led to a truth. I feel that bliss of enlightenment, that expansion in my body that tells me that once again, I have realized the truth.


There's so MANY truths to realize! And each one brings such a joy, that I find enlightenment to be a friend that visits me often, bringing moments of bliss, joy, and peace. I love those visits so much.


I've seen that enlightenment, for me, is an ever unfolding journey. I have come to see that at any given time, when I feel like I have reached "the" truth, I have now told my friend enlightenment to stop visiting, and she's got so many MORE truths to show me, more than I could EVER wrap my teeny human brain around!


Every one of those truths opens up new states, worlds, feelings, possibilities, and I know deep down I'll never "get there," it's too much fun staying in the mystery, the unfolding, and the delight of what my next enlightenment will bring.


She likes to surprise me. 💖

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