Do lies feel more real than truth?

January 15, 2020

 👉Do lies feel more real than truth?


I remember so many times in my life having these moments of insight, realization, and/or guidance, and my whole body would expand with deep resonance in that moment. I knew it was truth, I could feel it.


But then, not long after, I would doubt it or question it, wondering if I was crazy or delusional in some way. In those moments, lies felt WAY more real than truth. Seeing myself in a certain light that I was used to felt like "the real me" and this "dream lady"--even though my body KNEW it was truth--felt like a delusion.


I have to say, after years and years of looking, questioning, and examining--what I've seen is HOW powerful this conditioning is. To feel that being who we are born to be is crazy in some way is nothing more than conditioning.


👉I've now seen there is no real "delusion" in either one of those places. The "wounded me" is just as real as the "healing me". They're stops on the journey, they're both experiences of the conditioning of the moment. I don't have an "old" self and a "new" self--but simply ONE self that has learned, grown, and developed with awareness and attention.


So lies about who we are ARE is, in essence, exploring the wounded self as our truth. And our bodies communicate that we are in a lie because STRESS is the result.

Those wounds are based on things that actually AREN'T true at all--but lies that have been passed down and passed down. That's all that healing is: to realize that. Realizing that it's not true that you're unlovable, unworthy, etc. IS literally the definition of healing.


👉But, there is no "illusory self" and "real self," really. Although they can sure seem that way. They are both you, one who believes lies and one who doesn't. The bottom line here is both ways ARE the "real" you, based on what is believed.


SOOOO knowing that--that person that exists in your dreams, your visions, that "healing" version of you that's in your mind and feel in your body--THAT IS YOU as well. That one is JUST as real.


💖Just wanted to make sure you remember that. 💖

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