Trying To "GET THERE" And Do It "QUICKLY" Is Something You Need To Try

January 13, 2020

 Of course you want to get there. And, of course you want it to be quick, and as painless as possible.


So, you need to try. You need to read the books, spend the money on programs that promise you quick results. Lose weight quickly! Make money quickly! Find love quickly!


Yes, go for it, I say.


You have it in your mind that when you're thin, you'll be out of pain. When money is in your bank you'll be out of pain. When you have your love of your life, you'll be out of pain.


It's a compelling promise. Ah, if only. If only. If only I could just "get there!"


I hope that you get it all.


I hope that you get all the money. Get that beach bod. And, spend money on a fancy cabana, while in a bikini looking hot and making out with your soulmate.


I hope you get all of that.


Then, the jig will officially be up.


You'll see. You need to try to bypass. You need to try to run. It's part of the process, and a necessary one.


It's when you get everything you want that you realize those shadows are still there.


And now that you've got it, you're scared that you'll lose it.


Now that you have everything, the image becomes even more important. You can't let anyone see what a hot mess you are.


You protect and you hide, and now that it looks like you're living the dream, and you've made a lot of friends that love to take selfies with you, you REALLY can't let them see.


Again, this is an essential part of the journey.


Because then you wake up and realize that the running you're trying to do isn't working anymore.


It's piling up. And now, it's a shitstorm.


You don't know where to start. Where to go. How to clean it up. How to deal with all of it.


The mask is gotten so heavy that you have to take it off. And, you're scared that when you do, you'll lose everything.


You still don't want to feel it. But you know you have to.


You know it's time.You know the only way to liberation is right through the eye of everything you've been avoiding.


And you know that, intellectually. But it still feels hard.


Now, dear one.


This is when you call me.


As you're guided into your shadows, you see the light. You learn to sit with your feet in the fire, and the more you do, the stronger you get. You find muscles you didn't know you had.


You don't have to "work" to shift beliefs. They just shift. On their own. Yes, that really happens.


You don't have to remember to take care of yourself. You just do.


You don't have to work so hard to get your message out there. It just comes. From truth.


You learn to climb Everest. And enjoy the view. And climb again. And every time you do, you go higher. You see more.


You don't want to dive into the shadows, but you know there's nowhere to run. You agree to face them.


And that's when the awakening begins.


That's when wholeness happens to you.


That's when you feel a genuine peace - without effort - for the first time in your life.


That's waking up.


Waking up is agreeing to go down into the basement of your soul, where you've thrown everything that didn't match up to your ideal. All of those qualities and experiences that you learned, when you were a child, were not ok.


You don't want to do it. But you say, "ok. I'm willing."


You roll up your sleeves, grab the flashlight, and open the basement door.


Then you start cleaning.


You pull something out, and you find a ruby underneath. Then, you do it again and again. The deeper you go, the dustier it is.


But you get stronger. As you get stronger, you can clean more. And faster.


You go through it, and you clear out stuff, dust it off, and find it's rightful place in your soul home.


You start integrating it.


Then, you notice something.


Everything that you're pulling out and finding a place for begins to sparkle.


You see that everything you've been shoving in the basement has always had value.


It's worth millions.


Now, you're more committed than ever.


You see that the more you deal with your mess, the more value you have. The more resources you have. The more wealth you have. The more peaceful you feel.


You are so brave. And you just keep getting braver.


Nothing can stop you, because you’re no longer afraid of anything. Even when you are, you have now associated dealing with it to liberation. So, you deal with it.


You don’t need protection anymore, because you know there’s nothing that can hurt you. You can let it all in. You can let it pass through. You can feel it fully.


You’re free.


I’m here as your partner. I’ll hold your hand as you open the basement door. I’ll help you navigate through all of it, clean it off, and watch you transmute everything you’ve thrown away into gold.


I’ll be there as you’re tired, wanting to give up, scared shitless.


I’ll be there as you feel the most effortless joy and bliss that you’ve ever felt.


And everything in between.


Your partner in waking up. One who is not afraid to take you there. To let you see. To coach you into your most strong and powerful, so you can fully show up as you. Totally you.


I know this journey. I’m down in my own basement finding gold on a daily basis. I’ve navigated this landscape.


I know how hard it is, and how liberating it is. I know what it’s like to get everything you want, and then let it all go. I know what it’s like to live on the edge. I know what it’s like to watch yourself in the mirror and see the changes in your own eyes. To watch your thoughts change on their own. To hit upper limits again and again, and keep moving through them into higher and higher realms of consciousness.


I get it.


I get you.


This is your journey, and I’ve got your hand.


THIS is awakening.

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