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What is a “higher calling?”


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How do you deal with worry? Really DEAL with it?

January 13, 2020



Worry is a painful state. Sitting in fear, trying to work out different scenarios, imagining all that could go wrong, trying to stop over and over but it's so easy to get stuck in cycles that never seem to end, and can lead to feelings of overwhelm in the body.


It's also hard to discuss our worries with others, because often we hear "just don't worry about it" but we ARE worried. We tell ourselves and each other in our own ways to just "stop doing it" but that doesn't work for anyone.


So, what does?


After years of working with my own consciousness and my clients, I can tell you that there is always, 100% of the time, a reason for our worries--and until that reason is identified then that worry is going to just keep coming up over and over, no matter how much we want it to go away, shame ourselves for it, or try to silence it.


The reasons could be simply a very practical thing in your life that you're avoiding, and the worry is bubbling up from the resistance you're having to taking care of that thing, whatever it is. So, the worry is telling you, "Um, hey--you really need to deal with this." When you do, the worry goes away.


But the bigger issue is those chronic worries, the ones that stay with you for years and years. Worried about what people think. Worried about money. Worried if you're good enough, loveable, or worthy. Worried about losing something. Worried about your health. Etcetera, Etcetera.


Those worries, especially if they've been with you for years, are pointing you to a BELIEF that you have that's not true. That belief could be caused from trauma or from something you heard or experienced as a child, and then has become solidified through your life experience and is now confused as a TRUTH.


👉Truths don't CAUSE WORRY--Because truths are based in love.


Lies; false beliefs cause worry, because you are believing something that makes you feel afraid. When we feel afraid, we worry, because we want to feel safe, that that's what we're trying to do.


Worry is an attempt to feel safe. But it doesn't work and today, right now you CAN recognize this. You can remember that your worry is a symptom of believing something that is causing you to be afraid in some way. By identifying what the worry is trying to tell you that you believe, you can point to what needs clearing up and healing, and THAT'S what will cure your worry.


That's the ONLY thing that will permanently cure it. And yes, you can live a life without worrying all the time.


So, when you're worried next time, look at the reason, look to what you believe. Then, ask your wisdom to take you on a journey towards truth.


The TRUTH sets you FREE. ❤️

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