I'm Seeing More and More That There's A Huge Problem With Identifying As ''SPIRITUAL''

January 13, 2020


It seems to come with it's own set of ideas of what's right and wrong, what fits the mold and what doesn't. I meet "spiritual" people all the time who don't want to ever say out loud when they feel anything other than "high vibration" or "aligned with the universe," when what's happening in reality is that they're suffering in silence. Inside of themselves, the war between who they are and who they're trying to be is exhausting and requires a tremendous amount of repression, masks, and a flat out denial of their own pain--which of course keeps it from being healed.


It takes TON of conscious awareness for me to not fall into these identifications. I have to remind myself that "awake" is nothing more than an acknowledgment of what's real in the moment, but over the years I've found that to be one of the most difficult things anyone can do, even though it's where all the freedom is. To see the conditioning up close--the conditioning that tells us that this and that are acceptable, and this and that is NOT acceptable--is to have almost a reverence for the power of it.


And, we can make this more difficult in groups. Again, "spiritual" groups can have this very subtle way of shaming each other when those so called "negative energies" come up, thereby making it a totally unsafe space for real healing. And don't get me started on freakin' "women's circles." Or even worse--SPIRITUAL women's circles. My god--the B.S. is palpable. No one is getting better in these groups, because to fit into them there is SO much that you aren't allowed to show. After 12 years in Northern California... well, I don't know if I need to say more than that!


Humans are complex, multi-layered beings that have the most clever ways to store issues and trauma, react to unconscious beliefs, store and repress pain, and keep from looking and owning the truth in the moment, which is the ONLY way to shine light on what needs to be seen so we can know ourselves.


I promise you this...when you start being radially honest, you'll lose things. Groups that require you to deny yourself will kick you out or you'll have to leave. You'll lose friends and family members. You'll find yourself wondering if you're crazy and if there's something wrong with you, which says a LOT about the world we live in.


You're not going crazy when you start being real. To remain part of ANY group who asks you to be someone other than you are, to feel something other than you do, to think differently, act differently, ANYTHING to "fit in"--being part of THAT is what's crazy.


GO SANE. Be real. Be YOU. It's the ONLY thing that will bring you any kind of peace.




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