If You Know You Have A Choice Between A Steak And A Shit Sandwich, You're Not Going To Choose A Poo Sandwich

January 13, 2020



People who eat shit sandwiches (aka living in pain, limits, etc.) aren't CHOOSING it. Not consciously. They're living that way because they don't believe they have a choice.


Spiritual teachers, coaches, etc. of the world: PLEASE STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT THEY'RE CHOOSING everything. You're not helping when you do that--YOU'RE SHAMING.



And, you clearly don't understand the power of subconscious beliefs, internalized pain, the power of conditioning, even stuff we bring in from past lives, family generational wounds, I could go on and on


No one is CHOOSING a miserable existence full of pain, we're programmed that way. ONLY WHEN YOU MAKE THE UNCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS do you have ANY kind of choice. Carl Jung said that, and I say that too. Because I've experienced it.



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