Core Beliefs/Perceptions and PTSD

January 13, 2020


Someone asked me about how core beliefs/perceptions and PTSD is related. This is not a simple answer, but I'm going to share with you how I see these things correlated. Keep in mind that this post is attempting to explain something that's more complex, but this is just a glimpse into this complicated issue.


When traumas happen to us, we have a brilliant set of self-protection mechanisms that keep us from completely shutting down. It's not always safe to feel the intense pain of the trauma, so our survival mechanisms come up and block it off. In many cases this can be a highly appropriate response to traumatic events and can keep us surviving.


Of course, one of the issues is that it's NOT gone, it's now operating from the shadows waiting for a good time to heal it. And when we don't see that we MUST go back for it to heal, it doesn't get treated. It's like a physical injury that, for now, we can wear a splint, but at some point we have to get it treated for it to heal properly.


Now the trauma can create particular perceptions and/or beliefs. A brain on severe PTSD can see everything as hostile, so now this event has created a filter that all the information is going through, which unfortunately causes us to inadvertently continue to traumatize ourselves, and we don't even realize it.


The hostility or fear starts to feel more and more real, we're unaware that we're just wearing a filter, and now it's gotten so bad that we're convinced the "world is totally unsafe" or "things are scary" or something of the like, and each day it just gets confirmed over and over because that's now HOW everything is interpreted.


So one trauma leads to a lifetime of trauma.


It takes a safe approach to go in and do the healing to not only process the original trauma or traumas, but challenge the beliefs and perceptions created by them, and see how those have created our particular reality. Processing, awareness, and support are crucial to this deep healing.


We live in a world now where nearly everyone is suffering from some kind of trauma, and healing needs to continue to be de-stigmatized. It's normal to go to the doctor when we're sick. But, getting help for the mental, emotional, even spiritual healing is NOT normal. (Although it is getting better and more mainstream, which is good.)


We all need help is my point.


To recognize this is a strength, not a weakness.


Just a reminder that you do not need to go through your life traumatized and triggered. You can heal.


You can. Then you can see the world how it really is.


It's not easy, but it's possible. Please remember that. Don't give up.



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