Most Destructive Effects of Patriarchal Values

January 10, 2020


One of the most destructive effects of patriarchal values is the stigmatization of needing help with your "mental health." It's still seen in many areas as meaning that you're "crazy."


There's real offense taken when someone hears that they or someone they love need counseling of some type. Responses like, "I'm not crazy!" or "We don't talk about those things" or something of the like comes out.



Physical sickness is caused from mental or emotional issues. To care for your body but NOT your mind, your emotions or your "wounds," is honestly ridiculous. To have a doctor open you up and cut out your cancer and not deal with the stress that got you there in the first place is irresponsible for the medical profession.


To prescribe anti-depressants without some kind of therapy, counseling, or transformational work is also highly irresponsible. The brain chemistry issue is a symptom, not the source of your problems.


But, dealing with your consciousness, your mind, and your emotions in this system is still generally seen as "weak" when just the opposite is true. We ignore the psyche of children and adults and there's no need for this. To dive into ones own consciousness is the most healing activity anyone can do.


Seeing yourself, learning healthy ways to cope, learning about what's true and not true, gaining emotional intelligence, and clearing up false beliefs will make you healthy and thriving human being. Trying to pretend that one doesn't effect the other makes you suffer in silence.Happy Mental Health Day-here's to collective and individual healing for all!



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