Is "FEELING UNSEEN" Really The Collective Wound OF The World?

January 10, 2020


I've talked a lot about the wounds of worthlessness, feeling not good enough, unloveable, etc. But recently, after uncovering another layer in my own consciousness, I'm asking the questions:.


Is feeling UNSEEN really the reason why most humans feel worthless, or not good enough?


Is that why we go to such great lengths to be seen?


Is that ultimately what we're looking for with God? From each other? From ourselves?


We all share this in common--this NEED to be seen. I feel like this IS a very real human need, perhaps the MOST important need there is.


I wrote in my book years ago that the feeling of being loved was synonymous with being seen. I mean, think about it--if you've ever felt really loved, wasn't it BECAUSE you felt seen? If you've felt UNloved, didn't that happen because on some level you felt very unseen?.


What are the ways we're trying to get seen? Could this be what the "false ego/identity" is really after? What is occurring to me now is that feeling unseen is a wound that is very difficult to recover from, especially when it's not identified, because all of life becomes a way to either BE seen, OR try to find a reason why we are UNseen--which could be where the "not good enough" or "worthless" idea comes in.


Bottom line, there is NOTHING more healing that being seen. Having our deepest essence witnessed not only by ourselves, but by some other human has a way of making us "real" in a way.


I have more pondering to do here and I'll be back with more, but for now, love to hear your thoughts on this.



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