👉We are undergoing a huge revolution in consciousness, and here's how you can be part of it... CONSCIOUSLY

January 10, 2020


First of all, what the heck is a "revolution in consciousness?" Well, I have a simple answer for that:


A revolution is a new way of doing things that replaces an old way that isn't working anymore--and right now there is a mass healing taking place that is all about cleaning up old misunderstandings, lies, and the trauma that has resulted from them, which that goes back for generations.


I think about my own "work" on myself, and I'm very aware that this is a lot more than just this lifetime, more than just about lil' 'ol me, more than just success, or getting what I want. It's about a deep understanding that by cleaning up my own old beliefs that are not true, the wounds that my family has passed down, the past life traumas I've experienced, that is the only way I contribute--really contribute to the ecosystem around me.


When I'm looking through filters of unworthiness or wounded consciousness, I can't see possibilities. I only see limitations, overwhelm, and horrible things everywhere. As I've done the work to become more aware, and still do--and I mean every single day--I see the opposite. I see all kinds of opportunities for human beings to become more aware, which leads us to transcending those lifetimes of conditioning and be part of the much needed, much called for revolution of consciousness, which of course leads to the evolution in which we create systems that work for all of us.


So here's how you can get on board:


1. I invite you to stop thinking about healing in terms of quick fixes of any kind. Embrace healing as a lifestyle, and watch as you always reach new levels of consciousness, health, intimacy, and contribution. Make healing a journey, not a destination.


2. Remember that you are vital, and that when you do the healing you can find your wonderful unique contribution--which you are hard-wired to make. We thrive when we contribute from a healed place. That's the key being in the flow of life, abundance, and guidance.


3. I invite you to finally wake up to the fact that no outer circumstance permanently changes how you feel. All that chasing of success, money, relationships, the perfect body and the nice car as ways to feel good about yourself, be worthy and important, are USELESS. All those things are lovely, but they'll NEVER change the insides. If you have healing going on inside, the irony is you can have a hot bod and nice car, enjoy it, and still feel just as worthy if you drive a pinto and have extra weight on you. That's FREEDOM.


4. Stop engaging in the battle with others, it's also useless and isn't healing anything. Seek to understand: start with yourself. The more you have compassion for self, the more you'll have it with others. See your battles for what they are: revealing your own healing opportunities.


More to come, but I invite you to take this in, think about it, let it wash over you, and join team evolution and healing. It's so worth it. Not just for you, but for the generations that come after you, the people around you, and the ripple effect you'll never even see.❤️

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