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What is a “higher calling?”


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The Netri Institute 


January 6, 2020


 We all see a lot of stuff out there (because it's very easy to sell) that you just have to get into "vibrational alignment" and stuff just manifests. Not only is that not the way it works, it would be violating the purpose of the vision in the first place if that were to happen.


You see, those things you want, you desire, you dream of--those things are inside of you for a reason. All of them are like signposts pointing you to something that, if you follow it, is designed to TAKE YOU ON A JOURNEY.


When you go full in for something you want, you're going to learn so much. And the bigger the dream the MORE you will have to learn, heal, and face within yourself. You'll have to come out of your comfort zone, learn to be in the flow of life (which includes ups and downs!) deal with your past wounds and hurts, forgive, integrate, break open and come fully alive.


THAT'S what your dreams are leading you to. We think we want the dream, whatever it is, but the dream isn't the point of the dream.




Those actions you must take when you are scared to death, the growth you experience, the truth you must see--those are all part of your manifestations.


And trust me, that's WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. You want to trust yourself fully. You want to trust life. You want the peace that comes from forgiveness and healing.


Remember your dreams are holograms. As you get close to them they're no longer solid. But reaching them is going to call up everything you decided you wanted to learn in this life and everything that you set out to experience. THAT is the only thing that really matters, the only thing that you truly take with you.


You'll leave your dreams behind with the body.


You'll take the consciousness and the awakening that those dreams cultivated with you through every amazing bumpy ride of this soul journey. 💖


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