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What is a “higher calling?”


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Why It Can Be Hard To Just "FEEL YOUR FEELINGS"

January 6, 2020



There's no truer statement than "you need to feel your feelings." Repressed feelings can cause stress, strained relationships, lack of intimacy and an inability to get our needs met.


But knowing you need to feel your feelings, and actually doing it, for some of you, can be hard. Let's look at why this is so you know where to look and what to do about it.


With everything we do, don't do, feel or can't feel, behind it there is a belief. A belief about what's right and wrong--but most importantly--what will bring you approval or rejection. Love or neglect. Reward or punishment. Attention or avoidance. In some cases it can come down to: survive or die.


You see, if, in childhood, certain feelings were welcomed and others shamed or flat out denied by our parents or caregivers, then we systematically learned that the feelings will bring a threat of some kind. A trauma. A stress.


As an adult, if you do want to free your feelings to be felt, so you need not fear them or repress them, it's important to identify your RELATIONSHIP to those feelings.


Start with this: What can't you seem to feel and why?


What are the beliefs around certain feelings? What are the stories? What were you told over and over?


This kind of inquiry can begin to create an opening for those feelings to start to emerge, by identifying what keeps them hidden.




I hope this serves you today. Until next time, here's to your awareness, healing, and awakening.



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