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What is a “higher calling?”


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The Netri Institute 


January 6, 2020



The idea of "selflessness" has been greatly misunderstood, and i'd like to clear this up.


It's just WAYYYYY to easy to grab the idea of "selflessness" and go into self-sacrifice, which is the basis of not only a win-lose relationship with others, but with life itself.



When you hear teachers talk about transcending the "self" or "selflessness" what they're talking about is the HIGHLY CONDITIONED, WOUNDED SELF.


When we act from "wounded self" that's what is often meant by "ego" or "false ego." It's a constructed self that has is not based on reality or truth, but on a set of unconscious false beliefs that the self is unworthy, unloveable, less than, not enough, etc.


The "true self" does not need to be left out or sacrificed in any way, because a healed self, or even healing self, is capable of creating and contributing with consideration for ALL, and creating win-win relationships and circumstances that benefit all around.


A healed "self" (which is a self that knows it's own inherent worthiness,) would never seek to hurt another. When we know our OWN value, we naturally know the value in others.


Self-sacrifice can easily become a way to turn against one's own healing, which keeps the self wounded. And a wounded self isn't capable of the highest good of anything or anyone. It's always reacting, looking through wounded filters, and hiding.


So, seek not to be selfless, but to be healed.💖.


Then you don't need to worry about taking from another, hurting others, or any other reason you would want to not consider the YOURSELF in your life experience. When the self becomes loving, it wants the best for everyone. 🙏


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