"FITTING IN" Isn't What Most People Think It Is…

January 6, 2020


 The whole universe is like a big, well--REALLY REALLY BIG jigsaw puzzle. It all fits together perfectly--a design with an intelligence that is absolutely impossible to fathom. There's an infinite number of tiny pieces that fit together are all part of the puzzle, each one of them fitting perfectly.


Here's what I invite you to remember, and remember, and remember. Write it down. Set a reminder on your phone. Whatever it takes to remember this:


YOU FIT PERFECTLY BECAUSE OF YOUR UNIQUENESS. You are one of those puzzle pieces.


We are all one--we are part of the same big jigsaw puzzle.


And, we are all unique, we each have our particular edges that, when we come into an alignment with what they are, we fit. Like a glove.


It's hammered into us to be like others, but the problem is we're all trying to have the SAME metaphorical (sometimes literal LOL) "shape and size" as others.


We believe we fit because we look like, think like, talk like, act like the others in our group, family, etc. then we "fit." But you know the truth of that.... which is: YOU'RE PUTTING ON AN ACT, doing what you believe you are "supposed to do" and inside, it doesn't feel right. It never has felt "right."


Nearly every great person in the history of the world was doing something that was INCREDIBLY unique in some way. The ones who believed that it's wrong to have uniqueness threw rocks--but only because they believed they were doing the right thing-that being unique was "wrong" in some way.


Thank goodness the ones who were saying yes to their uniqueness kept on with their "crazy idea" or whatever it was, because they paved the way for us to remember this by demonstrating it. It's also where every single bit of progress has been made. EVERY. SINGLE. BIT.


When you've got a million people all trying to be the same puzzle piece, since there's only ONE of those slots available, you've got the other 999,999 feeling either like they don't "fit," or succumbing to some form of misery because there's a conscious or unconscious agreement to pretend they are something they're not.


You fit BECAUSE of your uniqueness. You find YOUR place in the world, and then you feel "home." Things feel right. Aligned. Natural.


I just wanted to remind you that whatever you need to focus on to discover your uniqueness will payoff in ways that feel like a deep, delicious breath, and make life really wonderful.


Be you, love. ❤️ If you aren't sure who that is, then find out.


Because it's fabulous. 💖.


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