Do we really Self-Sabotage?

December 28, 2019



I've looked deeply into this for years in myself and my clients, and I can confidently give you an emphatic NO to that.


But I know it sure seems that way.


We've all experienced things like...


👉You lose 10 pounds, and then reward yourself with chocolate cake at 3AM. (Anything health-related applies here: gym, self-care, etc. We don't just stop and start, we start and then do something to literally sabotage what we've just done.)


👉You get into a relationship with someone you think is amazing, relax for a while, then watch yourself poke and prod until the person runs, and you sit there in wonder with how and why you just did that.


👉You do something big career-wise, or start a business, and then somewhere along the way your motivation dries up and eventually you lose it, it doesn't work out, and you're left with an awful feeling of failure.


So what's going on here, if you're not sabotaging yourself? Ok, for argument's sake, let's say you ARE, but now let's talk about why. Why it looks, acts, walks and talks like it--but it's actually something else wearing a "sabotage" outfit.


As much as it can be pointed out, it's a really hard thing to hear and accept that we have beliefs that we're unaware of. That's why they're called "unconscious beliefs"--because you're unaware of them.


When you have a conscious desire, but an opposing unconscious belief, the unconscious belief is going to win. But only 100% of the time.


For instance, let's say you want to lose weight and have more energy. But, there's a deep unconscious belief that weight loss will bring unwanted attention or visibility, and more energy will bring more responsibility when you're already feeling overwhelmed.


You'll then eat the cake, and not do the self-care required for more energy, because weight loss and energy are seen as THREATS to those belief systems.


You want success and money, but you may have an unconscious belief system that says that money will mean that you're greedy (or a host of other things) so when you begin to approach that ceiling, you'll get rid of your money... fast.


You want a close relationship, but you may have a belief system that feels trapped in any kind of commitment, or you deeply feel not good enough or unworthy of love (Or again, a host of other things). So as much as you want a relationship, the belief system sees it as a huge threat.


👉This is why it's so necessary to identify and heal these belief systems, which can be done with inquiry, awareness, and attention. ONLY what remains unconscious will stop you. This is why examination is so powerful.


Examination FREES YOU from the patterns that show up as sabotage. In fact, it's the only thing that truly frees you. That's essentially what awakening is: shining light on what was once dark.


Just a reminder today, because this is 100% up to you, ad 100% in the realm of what you can actually change.


And this could be why 2020 is so awesome, because this was the year you decided to peek behind the curtain and be curious as to what is ACTUALLY running the show. That will change your life. 🦋❤️

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