Disconnection, Competition and Greed

December 26, 2019


Disconnection, Competition and Greed are evidence of our collective illness, not our human nature.


Our nature is NOT to compete, crush, or oppress. I see this more and more in my own healing--that these things are conditioned. The more healed I become, the more accepting, appreciative I become, the more connected I feel. Any thought of hurting another has become more and more painful, which is my body telling me that in that moment, I'm going AGAINST my nature.


I also know that competing and hurting each other doesn't feel good (well, maybe in the moment and from a wounded place, but after the ego boost, shame or guilt tends to set in) and there are reasons for that. It goes against our wiring to hurt each other. (Vagus nerve, mirror neurons, etc. Look it UP.)


One of the biggest lies that we believe is that competition is our nature, and can lead to a defeated "why bother, people are just awful" kind of thinking, which keeps you in an unhealed state, perpetually contributing to the same sickness that you wish would heal.

We mostly get this idea because of Darwin's "survival of the fittest" has been completely taken out of context. What he meant was to link survival with belonging (fitting in!) and cooperation-- not competition. But things get misunderstood and handed down and down until most of us are basing HUGE belief systems on a complete lie.


I got another one for you. "Blood is thicker than water" is a phrase used to imply that your family is where your bonds and your loyalties should be. But did you know that the whole phrase is actually "The blood of the covenant is stronger than the water of the womb," meaning that the bond with your "war buddies" is stronger than with your family? That's what the phrase meant, but you take it out of context, and the meaning literally becomes the opposite of its original meaning.


Most of what you think you know about yourself or others is a lie, basically. We are wired for love, empathy, connection, community, and helping each other. You see evidence of this during certain disasters and times of crisis--when pure instinct takes over and the conditioning drops, people help each other.


If you're feeling as if people are all s****t, then I invite you to step back and consider that this may be your conditioning, wounds, traumas, etc. and NOT blanket facts about humanity. Facts require research, which begins with a desire to get to the truth--which means you must consider that you don't already have it.


And the truth feels good, because the truth is you coming into alignment with your human nature, and in a healed state, you're designed for love.

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