When I First Dove Into Spiritually

December 19, 2019


🦋I did it because I wanted some things to come (manifest!), others to go away (ANY and all pain), and I just wanted to my life to match what all the spiritual gurus and mainstream teachers were telling me. I was told I could just create my life with enough thought and focus, (not to mention gratitude and good, happy feelings) and it would be magical.


As I look back on all of that, depending on the day, I have mixed feelings. I mean, if they hadn't promised all of that, I never would have even CONSIDERED that there was any effect my own consciousness had on my life. That, to me is the greatest gift of the "think it and manifest it" teachings. It gets us on board by selling us the very tempting idea that something that we can manifest will fix what feels empty, broken, or hurt inside of us.



👉So here it is 13 years later, and I've learned so much. Still learning, seeing more every day--but I've learned that "think it and manifest it" DOES work.


It really does. You can think about something over and over, visualize it, talk about it, take actions in that way, and yes, it will manifest.

And--I hope you get everything you ever wanted. I hope all of your dreams come true--you get the money, the partner, the house, whatever situation or circumstance you desire.


👉Because then you'll know. Then you'll realize the truth--that the feeling you get from whatever you've manifested is temporary. You'll finally see that it didn't give you what you really wanted, which is a lasting and unshakeable peace.



You'll see up close that you'll feel attached to it and scared to lose it. You'll watch yourself do things that seem like you're sabotaging it. Thoughts will come up over and over that require pushing down--thoughts about truly wondering if you deserve it, if they mean it, if someone's going to come take it, or if something bad is going to happen and all of your happiness will disappear.


You've already seen this a whole bunch of times. Over and over in your life, you've said some version of "When I get this I'll be happy" and you DID get it. And it did make you happy. For a bit. Maybe a day, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months. But the unhealed wounds surfaced again, dragging you down back to the comfortable default of your current consciousness.


Life is trying to wake you up. What that essentially means is helping you to see the truth, and clear up the false beliefs that inhibit life's full flow coming through. It'll use any method possible. It'll tear you down, lift you up, give you everything you want or take it all away, depending on who you are and what you need.


And, it's all happening FOR YOU. So you can feel, know, and live in truth--which is another word for peace. Truth is heaven. Truth is love and love is truth. And love is home.


Life is trying to bring you home with any means possible.


❤️ Perhaps this can remind you of that, and plant a seed that doing the healing that brings you to truth is going to result in a foundation--a consciousness that remains at peace no matter the circumstance. And THAT (in my humble opinion) is the point of all of it.


Sending big love for your healing journey 💖

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