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What is a “higher calling?”


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Can You Really Have Certainty With Anything In Life?

December 19, 2019


Certainty is a human need. It's a NEED. Without some sense of certainty we don't feel safe. And feeling safe is ALSO a need. When we feel safe, and we have a sense of certainty, our nervous system relaxes. These are very basic survival needs, and they make sense why these needs are so ingrained in us.


I've gotten up before and said "There is no certainty!" and I was WRONG. But now I know why and I'd like to share this nugget that I've learned with you.


You see, the way we collectively and individually attempt to have certainty in order to feel safe has become about creating predictable circumstances and situations. I confused certainty with predictability because, like everyone, that's how I was conditioned. I put those two together.


Through my life experience though, I've learned that predictability does NOT (at least for most of us) create a feeling of safety and certainty. It actually can create more fear and stress. I'll talk about this more and I'll do a video on it, because this is a *life-changing truth* here. But I'll go right to the point on this post, so you can marinate on it.


REAL CERTAINTY comes from:


👉Knowing, really knowing, who YOU ARE.


👉Trusting yourself and knowing your inherent worth and value.


👉Trusting the process and unfolding of life, knowing deeply that life loves you and is happening for you.


👉Healing old wounds that have caused trauma, triggers, and autopilot reactions.


👉Knowing that you can truly deal with anything that comes your way, whatever it is, an emotion, a thought, a circumstance, the ups and downs of life, and find value--and I do mean real value--in all of it.


This is the kind of certainty that puts you in the flow of life, and there's no stifling, prison-like predictability required.


Fearing change comes from believing that certainty and predictability are one in the same, and they're not.


Predictability, in some cases, can keep you broke, stuck in bad relationships, and/or trapped in stressful situations that take a toll on your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health--which is anything but SAFE. It's downright dangerous.


This little mind-flip, "wake up" truth can have you begin looking for certainty in the RIGHT PLACES, love.


Here's to real certainty in 2020! 💖 The process starts with YOU. You can do this. Healing is the way. It's so worth it. YOU ARE SO WORTH IT. 🦋


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