Depression and Anxiety are NOT illnesses to be cured.

December 18, 2019


Depression and anxiety happen for reasons. There are reasons WHY we get depressed. There are reasons WHY we feel anxious.


As I've worked with people over the years, and through my own journey of a LIFETIME of depression and anxiety (not to mention suicidal attempts and thoughts) you can always find reasons. GOOD reasons for these states and feelings.


They are caused from beliefs--mostly unconscious beliefs that have never been examined for any truth. We just... believe them. And you know what? There's good reasons for THAT too.


Beliefs are caused from things we've heard, been told, what we've interpreted from our environment(s), traumas, family stuff that's been passed down, even past life experiences.

Stuff happens and it forms a belief. Then we have thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that come up FROM THAT BELIEF. Things like depression and anxiety.


Not to mention a host of other things that the mental health field wants to label as some kind of disorder and then throw a pill at.


Our personal and collective evolution is going to come from examination of our beliefs, not to mention the systems and structures created from those beliefs. Right now, identifying and seeing through false beliefs--AKA LIES-- is our key to individual healing, and then eventually, the healing of our society.


It's not just your wonky brain chemistry causing all of your problems. Your brain chemistry, like all physical symptoms and disease, is coming from your beliefs. When the beliefs change, the body does too. That includes your hormones and brain chemistry too.


👉How to do you think I know this? I'm not spouting theories, I've lived it.


I was diagnosed as ADHD.
And, with depression and anxiety.


Here's what I learned over my journey:


👉I was never ADHD. I was a child, with a learning style that wasn't taught in schools. So I couldn't sit still through their boring bullsh**it. When I'm interested in something I CAN focus just fine. Instead of engaging my interest, I was told to just "do it for the grade" which isn't enough to get me on board with anything. More to this but that's one nugget.


👉I'm not bipolar. I have passionate and creative energy cycles. I go down and up because that's how I'm wired. It only became a problem when I was TOLD IT WAS A PROBLEM. Since I've learned this about myself I am now in harmony with it and it's where my reflection, expression, and my unique genius is accessed.


👉I was depressed because I unconsciously believed that no one wanted me on the planet.


👉I was anxious because I was desperately trying to be something I wasn't.


(Again, more to it, but those are some nuggets.)


I just wanted to remind you that your pain is pointing to something that needs your attention.


Don't numb the pain, it's trying to communicate with you. Looking into it and healing (clearing up) the false beliefs causes the pain to subside.


It's taken me a lifetime to see this over and over, in myself and others.


Just a reminder today: YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You just have some sh**it that needs clearing up. Then life gets a whole lot better. OMG it does.


Sending you GOBS of love today!❤️

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