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What is a “higher calling?”


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Weekly Wake Up: I've had a realization, now what?

September 30, 2019


Have you ever had a whopper realization about yourself, a pattern, or a false belief?


For that moment, everything feels clear and so many things seem to make sense.


But then... a few minutes later, that thought comes up... Now what? What do I do from here?


In this video, I'm give you a very real answer to this question.


I'm sharing with you everything I've experienced that has helped me heal and integrate realizations into my life, as well as how to pay attention and follow YOUR guidance through these deep shifts. There's some big truths here, and after this, you WILL have a better idea about what to do and what NOT to do with those big a'has that happen on the awakening journey.


By the way, the audio is a little wonky. I'm sorry about that, you can hear everything but it's a little distorted. I'll get that fixed before next week. 


Here you go!




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