The Most Powerful Intention that Can Open Up a New World to You Is...

February 25, 2019


The most powerful intention that you can have every single day, the most powerful morning prayer, morning intention, morning journaling, the most powerful energy that you could be setting out everyday, that will give you more miracles, more shifts in perception, more openness, more happiness, more prosperity, more confidence in your life.


The thing that will bring you the most of these, more than anything else, you can intend each day is...




What?!  Help me to be wrong?


Hang with me.


Let me explain. So being wrong is one of those things that causes you to want to look at things differently. It opens up possibilities. It opens up curiosities. It opens up new perceptions. It opens up new connections, more intimacy, more vulnerability.


You know the phrase “you can either be right or you can be happy but you can’t be both”, man that’s true. Right now we have a BIG, BIG MASS LIE going on in the world which is, it is that being right is superior to being wrong; and where the fr**k did we get this idea?!


That we want to be right, ‘cause you know what wanting to be right does?


It causes us to put on blinders. Our brains form filters and we go through life everyday with something called confirmation bias.


Confirmation bias is when we believe that we are right, we want to prove ourselves right and so all we see are those things that tell us yes “you’re right!”


The problem is that we’re finding out that we are right about the stuff that’s making us unhappy. That we’re finding out that we’re right in ways that we’re limited, in ways that we’re a victim, in ways that the world is unsafe, in ways that we can’t do what we want, or think that we want or have what we want.


So here’s the thing, if you want to start being wrong, start setting an intention to be wrong about that stuff. Start with your limit, start with your triggers, start with your judgments. Look for ways that you are wrong.


Try it. Say to yourself: “You know what? I believe that I’m not good enough--but I am willing to be wrong about that. So I'm open to seeing every way that I'm wrong that I'm not good enough."


When you set an intention to the universe to be proven wrong, you set an intention to the universe to show you a different way, you become open to things that you never imagined.


If we’re going to pick what’s better, is it better to be right or better to be wrong?


Oh my goodness, you’re going to be much, much happier realizing places that you are wrong.


Wouldn’t it be great if you woke up tomorrow, set an intention for being wrong, and found out that it might not be true that you suck, it might not be true that they suck, it might not be true that democrats, republicans, or whoever you’re pointing the finger at that’s bad and causing your life to be hell, maybe you’re not right, maybe you’re wrong about that, maybe you’re wrong about the fact that everything is unsafe, maybe you’re wrong about the fact that so and so doesn’t love you or you can’t be loved or that you can’t connect.


I mean geez! Imagine. Imagine for a moment the way the world would shift. If we all started to look for ways in which we wanted new information, if we look for ways in which we’re wrong. Imagine the connections that we could have.


Every single person, the thing that we all share in common, is that we want to be seen, we want to be loved, we want to be accepted as we are for another person to see YOU, and love YOU, and accept YOU.


It begins with them thinking, “You know what? I don’t know this person, I don’t know if any of my judgment or my perceptions about them are correct, maybe I’m wrong about what I think. Let me open my mind and pay attention. Let me really see who they are.”


Oh, good Lord!


So here is an opportunity for you to cultivate a practice, to create an intention in your life that will leave you open, and happy, and exploring, and evolving, and learning, and growing, and moving out of patterns, and cleaning up, and healing wounds. So, go to it, be wrong! Be wroooong!


Try this for yourself! Notice what happens, and by all means, be sure to let me know!


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