Awaken to Manifestation (Live Broadcast)

January 15, 2019


In the talk of manifesting, there's this idea that manifestation means that what's showing up in your life is matching what you picture in your mind. Of course, when it doesn't you may think you're not manifesting, and you may be tempted to sign up for a course that tells you HOW to manifest what you truly desire.


These teachings are inadvertently keeping you stuck in loops where you are at war with life itself, with your own internal truth, and missing out on life's wisdom and guidance.


There is a loving force behind it all. It's a tweak in perception that can make an enormous difference in how you relate to yourself, to life, and to your own personal power.


I'll do a FB live on this for those of you who are feeling something "off" about the manifestation conversation, and have a sense that there's more to it.


You're manifesting THIS, now, because there's something here for you that you're really wanting to connect with.


Here's a broadcast I did talking about this subject. 


Enjoy, love!




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