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What is a “higher calling?”


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Why you should NEVER try to "Think Positive"

December 27, 2018


Recently, I put up this post on Facebook:


There's a difference between organic positive thinking--because you know what's TRUE...

and forcing positive thinking (that you don't actually believe).


One is like spraying air freshener over a foul smell--and one comes from actually being willing to clean up the crap. When you move out the crap, you're left with... something clean.


PLEASE--stop trying to think positive.


Instead, do what you need to do to clean up your subconscious so positive thinking comes naturally.


The latter is the only one that lasts, anyway.


Oh, and you don't have to keep bullshitting yourself. Which also is much easier. :)

Based on some responses I got on this, I decided to record this video, explaining further. Get ready to have the "positive thinking" myth finally busted.





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