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What is a “higher calling?”


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Copyright 2018
The Netri Institute 


December 2, 2018


A man's value is more than his wallet, his handyman abilities, his talent for heavy lifting, money management, or all these roles we've assigned to men.


A woman's value is more than her ability to cook, clean, look pretty, and give blow jobs.

A man generally fears an independent woman because she says, "I have money and stuff, so I don't need a man." How sad that you reduce his worth to these things. Have all the independance you want, ladies, just find a way to have a higher value for the men in your life, and let them know what that is.


A woman fears that a man will leave her for a "younger model," so women are trying to look like 20 year olds when they're 60. Women agree to so much shit they don't want to do in order to keep their partners from leaving. Men, you need to stop reducing a woman's worth to how she looks, cooks, or raises the children, because physical beauty fades, children leave, and now you can get your dinner delivered. Don't make a woman feel obsolete to you because she ages and/or gets tired of being your maid.


There is SO many ways that men and women can support each other to heal these old, worn out gender identities, and evolve into something greater. There's a reason so many relationships fail, and we have an awful lot to learn about each other.


Men, you are worth more than you know.
Women, you are worth more than you know.


There is much healing for all of us that comes with these realizations. I'll do a FB live and talk more about evolved relationships, and how your relationship can be a path of true intimacy, true union--and a path to healing for both of you.

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