Have you had ENOUGH?

December 1, 2018


There is a roar inside our collective soul...


We've just fucking had enough.


Enough of the bullshit.


Of course there's more to life than this. Of course you're not meant to be a slave, working a soul-sucking job, feeling trapped in circumstances, struggling to pay the bills, and doing the same thing day in and day out.


Your soul is rumbling. Screaming. Crying for liberation.


It's a moment now, if you're reading this... it's a sign, the one, you know the one... consider it a validation of our deep intuitive wisdom...


The moment is for you to take a stand, to DRAW THE LINE in the sand, to let your fiery solar plexus fill you with the will to declare with your whole being that you will NOT:


End your life full of regrets

Pass a fear-based legacy on to those around you

Settle for the pain of a self-imposed prison, keeping your wonderful, unique contribution that they world needs, wants, and is starving for

Keep eating, drinking, and distracting yourself


And finally... finally...


Letting FEAR run your life.


You have to get MAD. You have to say NO MORE. You have to say "I deserve better than this. I have more to me than this. I have more to share, more to do, more to be..."

It's time to reclaim the power that you forgot.




In fact, you're so powerful that you can create a dream, OR a nightmare.


Your power is there. No one has ever, and can ever, take it from you.


You can't give it away either.


You just forgot.


Your fire is a step back to your power. Don't put it out, LET IT BURN. Let it burn everything away that isn't you.


Ask life to show you the truth, to prove you wrong about your limits, to guide you to anyone, or anything, that will help you remember, embody, and express your truth.

Power is nothing to FEAR.

That's what FEAR says.


Power is a knowing of who you are. Power is a feeling of peace, of confidence, of connection.


When you're empowered you ask for help. You open up. You don't feel trapped behind a mask.


This is your reminder. This is your sign.


This is your moment.




Stand for truth. For love. For compassion. Be willing to clear out and clean out your own conditioning and programming so that you can even recognize the truth.


REFUSE to be a cog in the wheel, a mindless, controlled consumer, a slave, a phony, a victim, or a bully.


It's time to draw the line in the sand. Are you going to stand for the world you WANT TO LIVE IN? Are you going to BE the change?


Or are you going to be one of the mindless fucking masses?


WE NEED YOU. Not your mask. Not your limits. Not your fear.


We NEED you. Your light. Your love. Your genius. Your joy. Your bold expression. Your beautiful contribution. Your uniqueness.


Really. Like, we NEED it. Bad.


You're just... oh so amazing. STAND FOR THAT! Stand up and snap your fingers and own it, embrace it, scream it from the mountaintops...


YOU ARE PERFECTLY DESIGNED, carefully created, and guided...by something so freakin' divine who loves you more than you could ever imagine.


If you're reading this, this is for YOU. You called in this reminder. See? You're just fucking powerful, so powerful that you compelled ME to write this for YOU.


Thank you, BTW.

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