What I do, and what I DON'T do

November 16, 2018


If you want to be comforted, you don't want to hire me.


If you want to argue for your limits and have someone agree to them, you don't want to hire me for that, either.


If you want to keep everything in your life the same, and simply try to tolerate it, then I'm not the coach for you.


I'm not here to help you break habits, I'm not here to help you remember to go to the gym and eat your greens. NOT what I do.


**Here's what you hire me for:**


If you want a fierce advocate for your truth, someone who WILL NOT allow you to keep bullshitting yourself into thinking that you're some small, limited person who can't do what you want to do...


If you want someone who is bold enough to take a sledgehammer to the beliefs and perceptions that are keeping you stuck and in pain...


If you want someone who REFUSES to see you as anything other than the fucking amazing person you are, and will hold up a mirror until YOU see it for yourself, own it, and express it FULLY...


If you want to be seen deeper than you've ever been seen before, be witnessed and held to your truth...


If you want someone who will hear the voice of your soul and advocate for it fully...


If you want to make DAMN SURE that you don't end up on your death bed full of fucking regrets, realizing THEN that you kept yourself scared for no good reason...


If you want someone to stand for your greatness until you can carry the torch yourself and stand in full ownership of who you are, so you can contribute YOUR GIFTS fully...


And, if you're willing to let go of whatever you need to let go of, embrace whatever you need to embrace, if you're ready to go head to head with the false image of yourself and destroy it until there's nothing left but YOU, but TRUTH, and the PEACE that goes with it...

And you're ready to be empowered to such a degree that you take full responsibility for everything in your life, and EXPERIENCE YOUR POWER TO CREATE WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT...


Then, and only then, do you call ME.


You can't stay in my presence long and hide from yourself.

I won't let you.


I'll be louder than your voice of fear. I'll be a channel for your truth, for your power, for your genius.


I don't fuck around. I have no interest in tip toe-ing around your false ego. That's not helping you get what you want.


My gift is bringing your gifts to the surface, and cutting through the bullshit that keeps you from experiencing everything you are.


You're MORE than you think you are. You have something the world needs, something that feels natural to give, you have more potential and possibilities than you've ever imagined.

I'm a spiritual warrior who will fight for you with everything I am. I enjoy it. I love it. Nothing fills me with more freakin' ecstasy than witnessing another person look down and see those goddamn red shoes, knowing that they've had the power all along, I mean, it's glorious. Since that is a source of ecstasy for me, I ONLY work with people who are willing to go there.


If you're willing to shed the false, willing to wake up, willing to become so deeply connected with your truth, and will NOT sit around year after year feeling stressed out, afraid, wounded, triggered, and reactive...


If you're looking for the person now to hold you to that and to stay with you, linked arm and arm until YOU'VE GOT THIS...


Well, then I want to talk to YOU.


We've got some good work to do.

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