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What is a “higher calling?”


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Copyright 2018
The Netri Institute 


November 9, 2018

I'm wrong ALL THE TIME.


It seems the older I get, especially with my whole life's intention to awaken, awaken, awaken--to shine light on what's in my subconscious and bring it up to awareness, to realize the full extent of my power to create, and just HOW important it is, when I am holding THAT MUCH POWER to create--that I become 100% aware of what I'm creating in any given moment.


I find extreme comfort in truth. And, the only way I've EVER, found any truth in anything, is to begin with the assumption that what I believe is up for question. Up for examination. In other words, looking for how my beliefs may be flat out wrong.


THE TRUTH IS THIS: BEING RIGHT IS ***NOT*** SUPERIOR to being WRONG. In fact, our unconscious desire to be right is causing tremendous amounts of pain in our lives.


You can be right, or be happy, but you can't be both.




I found out that I was wrong about so much.

I found out that I was WRONG about being unloveable and unwanted.

I found out that I was WRONG that anyone, ever, has intentionally hurt me. In fact, when someone does something hurtful... lo and behold it has nothing to do with ME.

I found out that I was WRONG that I couldn't have what I wanted, couldn't express myself safely, and couldn't connect with other human beings.

I found out that I was WRONG about a lot.


I always do.


I've gotten so used to this that I feel a great sense of relief when I find out that I'm wrong.


You know why?




I become open.
I learn.
I grow.
I evolve.
I awaken.


All from realizing that I don't know shit, everything changes, and my teeny human brain may not ever understand the infinite nature of life. Keeps me humble.


I can be really arrogant, so for me, being WRONG is something to celebrate, a spiritual practice, an awareness that keeps me in a state of graceful humility. Realizing that I'll never have it all figured out, never know it all, makes me excited about living. When I think I've got it figured out, I feel instantly bored. Ugh. Good thing I'm not EVER going to "get there."


I wanted to share this with you because I believe, now, that the thing that could change the world in a more profound way than just about anything is this one tweak in perception, to celebrate the unknown, the mystery, and to celebrate with Champagne anytime we find out that our beliefs aren't true, and what we're able to see AS A RESULT.


Can you imagine?


We wouldn't be as quick to defend a position.
We could heal at a much more rapid rate.
We could connect on deeper levels with a more diverse group of people, because we'd be listening and open
We could start looking for new ways of doing things, new systems and structures that work better.
We could be a lot more peaceful.(I mean, shit, it's exhausting having to be defensive all the time.)


All from just deciding that the most enlightened position one could take is that of "I don't know... chances are I'm probably wrong. Let's suspend what I think I know here, and be open instead."




Watch. Learn. And SHARE!



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