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What is a “higher calling?”


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The Netri Institute 

Not Good Enough:? Where’d we get that crazy idea?

January 11, 2018

Feeling not good enough is a current world “plague” and causes oh-so-many problems.


When we feel not good enough, broken, unloveable, or anything in that family, born from that is a constant, endless striving. Striving to be good enough, worthy, striving to gain approval, love, anything that will finally bring some peace. The peace that comes from knowing, feeling, and experiencing the inherent worth we all have inside.


Where did we even get this idea that we’re unworthy? I’ve traced this back, as many of the screwy ideas of modern society, to humans fundamental misunderstanding of God. When we have a totally backwards idea of who and what our creator is, our life reflects that.


Trying so hard to feel good enough isn’t the answer. Accomplishments aren’t the answer. Striving isn’t the answer. The answer lies in a shift at the core, a shift from the screwy backwards stuff to the truth.


This video may hold an a’ha or simply the beginning of one.



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