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Doubts and fears, and doubts... oh my!

Enlightenment isn't what I thought it was...

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The Netri Institute 

The 5 Core Principles of 

Awakened and Inspired Living

Perhaps you're thinking..."Awakened and Inspired Living. Got it. Sounds great! But what the heck is that, really?"

Glad you asked!


Here at the Netri Institute, over the years of working with people, working on ourselves, and observing what it really is to be awake and inspired, we've boiled it down to these 5 Core Principles.

#1: Authentic Foundation

A "foundation" is the beliefs and perceptions that your life is based on. Most of us have a foundation for our lives that's based on some version of "I'm not good enough" or "I'm not worthy." These beliefs begin as children, because this is the message we get most of the time: 

"In order to be loved, you need to be/do what I think is acceptable."


When this happens, we begin to construct a “self” that will be accepted, loved, and belong. However, rarely is this “self” accurate to who you really are.


This has very real and practical effects on someone’s life.

Most of us have unrealized gifts, talents, and genius that was never seen, nourished, or encouraged. So we may find ourselves with jobs or careers that match who we “think we should be” rather than what really makes our hearts sing. We may find ourselves in relationships that don’t feel quite right, or in some cases, even abusive, because we are unconsciously telling people how to treat us. We can find ourselves in poor health or suffering from chronic pain because of the consistent level of stress that comes from turning against our own authentic self.


An authentic foundation can be felt when we KNOW, feel and experience THE TRUTH: which is OF COURSE YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH. When you are on an authentic foundation of truly knowing your worth, you know and take full ownership and express your gifts, talents, and unique genius. You feel comfortable in your own skin. In many ways, life gets MUCH easier and things flow naturally. A consistent feeling of inner peace can sustain, and life “clicks.”


You also begin to manifest more aligned situations, circumstances, and experiences, because you’re no longer manifesting unconscious patterns anymore.


This is extremely freakin' liberating, y'all: It feels pretty darn good to know you're amazing!

#2: Conscious Choices

When you operate on an authentic foundation, and you can see who you actually are (which is this freakin' amazing person) then, and ONLY then, can you truly make conscious choices.

Most of us are making thousands of unconscious little micro choices throughout the day, that match our deepest fears and insecurities. We have no idea that we are consistently creating, with those unconscious choices, the realities and experiences that we're trying to avoid.

Often, we try to make different choices and take different actions, but it feels like you always end up at square one a few days or weeks later. This is because the actions that you WANT to take require a different foundation in order to "stick."

When you truly know your value, you can make choices that are right for you. When you "wake up" to the truth, and embody your own true worth, you begin to naturally and organically make choices that are in alignment with that.

When you can make choices from a place of awareness, you no longer are unconsciously creating painful experiences, and your life feels empowered, peaceful, and aligned.

#3: Authentic and Free Expression

When you operate on an authentic foundation, and you're able to make conscious choices, you experience one of the most freakin' awesome things ever, which is the ability to fully express yourself.

Expressing yourself is not just about saying what you want to say, but about doing what you want to do. Being who you want to be. It's letting the world see who you are, and feeling good about being seen. 

Most people are holding down years of repressed feelings, emotions, thoughts, and dreams which cause stress, disease, and regrets. We repress mainly because we feel that it's necessary for our survival, to be loved, and to belong. It's the voice that tells you things like, "You can't do/say/be that! You'll lose everything!" or something of the like.

You MUST know that you have value to express who you are. You MUST be able to have awareness about your choices, because you'll choose to express your deepest talents and gifts simply because it feels good to do so.

Full expression is being able to let life flow without trying to constantly stop, control, or avoid. It feels good. Most people have gotten so used to what we here like to call "true self constipation" we forget how freakin' great it feels to LET THAT SHIT OUT.  Ahhhhhhhhh.

#4: Intimate Community

Community is KEY to growth, but not just any community. People that truly KNOW you. People that know your dark, your light, your genius, and your story. People who can truly celebrate, encourage, and support you. A good community of like-minded people can accelerate your awakening.

When you begin to shift your life foundation, make better choices, and express yourself, sometimes the people in your life will love the authentic you, and sometimes you find that the people in your life were aligned with who you used to be, and you no longer have anything in common.

When you're part of a community that is all on some kind of a transformation journey, it can "normalize" awakened and inspired living, instead of feeling so "different" from everyone around you.

Here at the Netri Institute, intimate community is what we create, so you can live your most inspired life, and share that light with everyone around you.

#5: Unique Contribution

Now that you know you're awesome, you can make amazing choices for yourself, express what's inside, and have a community that holds you, it become inevitable that you can and will naturally contribute to the world in your own very unique way.

Your unique contribution is what you share with the world around you. When you are you, and not trying to be someone else, the contribution you make is one that feels good to make. It feels right. This is when you find fulfilling, right livelihood, rich relationships, and ultimately... a feeling of belonging in the world AS YOU.

But, here's the another very important thing about your unique contribution...

Right now, the world around you WANTS you to contribute your genius, not your perceived limitations and the things that make you unhappy. The world wants your JOY. The world wants what you LOVE to do, what makes you happy, and what fulfills you. THIS is the ultimate contribution: your love, your light, and your high vibration.

You need to know who you are to make that contribution. What you put out comes BACK to you. When you discover yourself, you can express your love, and then life feels 100% different than it does now. It feels BETTER.


Bottom line: your awakening spreads what the world needs more of. You get to be part of the evolutionary force that's happening now, be in the flow of it, and share it with others.