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Doubts and fears, and doubts... oh my!

Enlightenment isn't what I thought it was...

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The Netri Institute 

A New Beginning

 3-Day Retreat

The Awakened and Inspired Living program is a year-long total life transformation. With the power of retreats, the intimate community that's formed as a result + private coaching with Anastasia Netri, you will take a deep dive and embody the 5 Core Principles of Awakened and Inspired Living.

It takes commitment and dedication to truly live an awake life. When you join this program, you make that commitment to waking up to who you really are, experiencing the potential you have inside of you, and finally getting on a fully aligned path. It's like signing an insurance policy. You can't stay stuck here. You will move. You will awaken. You will be transformed.

Most of the world is upside down and backwards, where lies feel more like truth and truth feels more like lies. It's become "normal" to have stress, disease, low self-esteem, conflict and drama, emotional repression, wearing masks and keeping ourselves hidden, settling for unfulfilling jobs and relationships, and living life on autopilot.


It's become normal to feel unworthy, broken, unloveable, and not good enough. Everywhere we go there are advertisements, movies, tv shows, and social media platforms that are hammering in these things, keeping us addicted to technology and not dealing with our "stuff," which in turn causes more pain and more need for distraction

Truth, freedom, and love are RADICAL in this time.


To truly feel comfortable in your own skin, to feel no need to hide, to know yourself and express who you are, to follow your internal wisdom and guidance, and live a life that's aligned with your deepest truth is not only possible, but inevitable...


IF you dedicate your life to experiencing all that you are--and refusing to settle for anything less than you are. That's what living an awakened and inspired life is all about. 

In order to not only realize truth, but integrate it into your life (which is about making conscious choices on an authentic foundation) requires a lot of reflection, support, and a guide to help you shine light on the blind spots in your consciousness.


Being awake becomes "normal" when you're part of a community that is exploring for themselves, and that's precisely what we create in this program.

Here's what's included in this program:

Four 3-Day In Person Retreats

We gather quarterly for 3 days of insights, breakthroughs, awakenings, and deep transformation. When we gather together, we create a space so powerful that you awaken on multiple levels, and you'll leave each retreat more embodied, alive, and connected to your truth than you've ever been.

Each retreat is co-created by Anastasia Netri, you and your fellow participants, and the spiritual presence that is in the room. There is no agenda for each retreat other than what each participant needs at that moment--and Anastasia is masterful at opening up and tuning into what wants to emerge in the space.

At each retreat, breakfast and lunch are served each day, and dinner on the last day of the retreat. 

Eight 2-Hour Private Integration Sessions with Anastasia

Private sessions with Anastasia are in integral part of this program. In these sessions you'll get to explore your unique insights, challenges, observations, and awakenings that you're experiencing during the program.

Anastasia will also create a personal "Core Genius Map" for you during the program that reveals your unique contribution AND the genius, talents, and gifts that you have to make that contribution. It's an incredible experience of being seen and having your power reflected back to you, so you can make the best choices for your life.


Sessions can be done in person at The Netri Institute, over the phone, or by Skype.  

Monthly Connection + Q&A Call

Each month, you'll have an opportunity to join a conference call with the other program participants, share what's happening for you, support others, and ask any questions that are coming up for you.

These calls also help you to keep integrating what you've learned, and keep the awakenings coming!

All Workshops, Classes, and Events at The Netri Institute

When you join this program, you get an "All Access Pass" to every single thing we offer at The Netri Institute. You can attend any class, workshop, or gathering without having to pay any additional fees.


This includes any online workshops that we offer as well.

If you're interested in the Awakened and Inspired Living Program, just click the button below to set up a personal call with Anastasia Netri to learn more and find out if this program is the right fit for you.

Here's to your awakening!