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Located in Midtown Memphis, TN
1553 North Parkway
Open for gatherings and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
no walk in traffic please.
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Why changing thoughts, setting goals, or just trying to be nice doesn't really work

Do lies feel more real than truth?

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The Netri Institute 

Work With Us

Anastasia Netri

Through a combination of private work, group immersions, and self-study, the Netri Institute will help you awaken, transform, and live the life you were born to live.


You will discover the blind spots, stuck energy, and old patterns that are causing you pain, and move past them for good.


Our work helps you tap into your wisdom, inner guidance, core genius, and the most aligned expression of who you are.


We support you to:


  • Heal past wounds that have kept you stuck in cycles


  • Discover your unique gifts and the most fulfilling path for your life--including the right livelihood and relationships


  • Experience a profound sense of trust in life, and the flow that comes from it. This is the ability to be present, and not worry about the future. This is the knowing that can create a lasting feeling of inner peace.


You WILL finally begin to create a your life with truth, love, and wisdom guiding you, and be supported in integrating this into every area of your life.

This is for you if...

  • You want a new beginning, without the wounds of the past getting in the way


  • You are in a major life transition you want to make clear decisions, know what steps to take, and navigate through this with a lot more ease, and a lot less drama and confusion


  • You're aware that you've been living the life everyone else told you to live. You've been living for your parent(s), your spouse, your children, your boss, or your community, and you want your life to be YOURS


  • You want to get to know yourself without anyone else's opinions getting in the way


  • You're constantly feeling like no matter how hard you work, you keep either starting back at square one, OR you keep feeling blocked by the same issue over and over


  • You're exhausted, and you just want to break through this thing... finally


  • You’ve done other things (coaching, therapy, or other healings) and you want to experience lasting, permanent transformation

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What We Offer

We offer private sessions, Private 1 or 2-day VIP immersions, group intensives, and online self-study to support you.

Sessions can be done by phone, skype, or in person.

Immersions are always done in person.


When you sign up for a private immersion, you stay here in your own space at the Netri Institute. Your own space includes a kitchenette, full bath, bedroom and living room. All meals are provided. If you're flying in, we'll provide transportation from the airport to The Netri Institute.

Group immersions and intensives do not include transportation, food, or lodging. However we can recommend easy options for you.


Just book a connection call with me, and we'll talk about what options would be best for you based on what you're looking for.

Also, I've been asked if I work with couples...


Yes, I absolutely offer coaching for couples who wish to increase intimacy, communication, and enjoyment in your relationship. I can work with you individually and together. This can have profound effects on your not only relationship, but if you have children, this can help you to pass on a healthy relationship model to them.