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Located in Midtown Memphis, TN
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Doubts and fears, and doubts... oh my!

Enlightenment isn't what I thought it was...

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The Netri Institute 

How we help you

Anastasia Netri

You may be asking yourself HOW we do what we do here at the Netri Institute. 


You know you want Awakened and Inspired Living, but to get there are you going to have to hop on one foot for an hour a day? Chant for 15-minutes every morning? Sacrifice a live chicken? What?

Fair question!

And of course, we will ask you to do none of those things!


Anastasia Netri helps facilitating awakenings and awareness that has profound impact on your ability to see yourself clearly, make conscious choices, get your deepest needs met, create a feeling of wholeness, power, and connection.

She does this through a combination of identifying the unconscious limiting and negative beliefs, patterns, childhood wounds and traumas that are causing the suffering in your life and working with you to heal, integrate, and process them.

Anastasia will then help you to identify your purpose, gifts and genius that is ready to be expressed.

She leads you directly to the source of your own wisdom, so that you have a profound sense of self-love, reliance, and trust.

Plus, your life takes a different path, one that feels right, clicks into place, and feels like "what you were born to do!"

THAT'S a  mid-life awakening!