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What Narcissists and People Pleasers have in common--and what BOUNDARIES ACTUALLY ARE!

Speaking Your Truth with Power, Honesty, and Kindness

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The Netri Institute 
The Freedom of Forgiveness
3-Week Workshop Series

Forgiveness is the best medicine for a reason. When we're hurt, and holding onto those past hurts, they suck away our very life force. 

But, HOW does one really forgive, when the hurt runs so deep?


Wanting to let go and actually letting go are very different experiences. There is a process to go through to truly release the stuck anger, resentments, and sadness that can truly free you.


In this workshop series we dive in so that you break the chains and feel the relief of forgiveness. It's like cutting a sandbag off a hot air ballon, once it's done you can rise naturally, with peace in your heart.

 January 12, 19 and 26, 2019


Investment: $167 or 2-Payments of $95

10 Spots Available