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Why changing thoughts, setting goals, or just trying to be nice doesn't really work

Do lies feel more real than truth?

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The Netri Institute 

Deep dive Consciousness Cleanse 2-Day Immersion

If you’re drawn into this deep dive experience, you’re ready to take a really close look at yourself and clear out what's been lurking in the shadows for far too long. 


Your inner wisdom is nudging you to get radically honest and finally release that some of the beliefs that are causing you to feel stuck in key areas of your life.


You know it's time to uncover those blind spots so you can start making more empowering choices and changes that are in alignment with who you really are.


Get ready for some wonderful new awakenings!

Meet the Facilitator: Anastasia Netri


"I love a good deep dive into the depths of consciousness. There's so much freedom there, so many more choices that are available, as well as the clarity to express yourself, relate to others with more intimacy, even contribute in a meaningful way that feels yummy.


This 2-day Deep Dive Immersion is a way to not only gain huge awareness and the healing that comes with it, but to learn how to integrate that healing into your life.

Let's get really honest for a moment--you know that there's some old stuff that needs to be cleaned out of your consciousness, and you want to feel the peace that comes with a good cleaning! 


You want to clean it out so that you can stop carrying around the old crap from childhood, past lives, traumas, and conditioning that you've been living with for far too long. This 2-day experience will get in and help you start clearing out the "junk" so you are free to move through your life the way that you really want to.

You'll also create deep bonds with others to share your journey with."

Register now by choosing the option below that works best for you. 

(Other options are available, just ask us and we'll work with you in any way we can.)

Register for Friday & Saturday 

November 8th & 9th

10AM - 6PM

Option #1:

1 Payment of $333 

Register for Friday & Saturday 

November 8th and 9th

10AM - 6PM

Option #2:

2 Payments of $175

When you get registered, you'll receive an email within 24 hours with all the info you need to attend.


This intensive will be held at the Netri Institute in Memphis, TN.

Get ready to experience something that you've never seen anywhere before! You'll walk away with new insights, friends, and awareness that can lead to more freedom, purpose, and intimacy.

Please call or email us (information below) if you have any questions at all, or would like to choose a different payment plan based on your budget. 

Here's to your awakening!