Self-Realization for Regular People 

No Chanting, Yoga Pants, or Hard Drugs Required

This book is not a self-help book. It's a shake you up, wake you up, challenge-everything-you-think-you-know book. It's a truth bomb. A must read. A game changer.

You’ve been diving into personal development for years and have made some progress. You’re curious. You’ve paid good money for silver bullets and paper promises, and been left still seeking. If you haven’t thrown in the towel yet - if something keeps pulling you toward your truth - then you’re gonna love this book​!

Self-Realization for Regular People isn’t meant to give you quick-fix solutions. It’s meant to kick you in the spiritual pants, shake you up, and wake you up.

We’ll dive into juicy stuff like:

  • Why self-realization is NOT one-size-fits-all

  • What is the false ego and why is it keeping you asleep?

  • Redefining love

  • Why the things that piss you off are pointing you directly to your liberation

  • Growth doesn’t always have to be terrifying and uncomfortable

  • When Truth becomes more real than the lie

  • How what you don’t know about the Law of Attraction may be keeping you stuck in cycles and patterns

  • Tools for your own, individual awakening journey to YOUR truth


Ready?  Fasten your seatbelt ...


Getting Through It 

50 Inspiring Truth Bombs That'll Get You Through Just About Anything

When you’re going through it, sometimes you just need to be reminded of those comforting truths of life that are easy to forget.


This book is full of one Truth Bomb after another that brings you back to your center, helps you remember who you are and how things work, and even offers some helpful guidance to get you through it, like a nurturing friend.

You can read through, or just open to a random page to get just the right message for you when you need it. This book is a loyal companion full of wisdom, understanding, compassion, and a few explosive breakthroughs for your journey!


“When I was reading these I felt uplifted, guided, understood, and took a few deep breaths for the first time in a long time. They are indeed Truth Bombs. Love this book!”


“It’s good to be reminded of the truth and this book does the trick! I felt lighter and lighter with each truth bomb I read. Whatever you’re feeling at the moment, there’s always a truth bomb to help you get through it.”

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