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What is a “higher calling?”


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The Netri Institute 

About Anastasia Netri

People come to me because they are tired of feeling anxious, depressed, trapped or stuck in patterns they can’t seem to shake and they’re sick of it. I work with mostly midlifers, because that’s usually the time when we get the... “oh, I can’t keep going like this...” Good. You don’t have to.

You know, We all want to have closer and more connected relationships, have healthy bodies and minds, and even discover or develop our gifts so we have a fulfilling and abundant livelihood.

I have discovered through my own (freakin’ painful) life experience and decade of working with people what is hands down the most effective method for healing those old wounds and clearing up false beliefs that will actually make your life better. And I not only mean inside, but in real, tangible ways.

I teach and coach people on how to use the power of self-awareness and inquiry in a unique way that I’ve discovered through doing the work on myself first, which is the only real way to get the limiting beliefs out of the driver's seat.

When you (subconsciously) believe things like:

“I’m not good enough.”

“I can’t do/be/have what I want.”

“I don’t trust anything or anyone; aka I’m not safe. Ever.”

“I’m unworthy”

“I don’t deserve that.”

“I don’t matter.” “I have no right to even exist.”

“I am a terrible burden.”

Etc, etc, etc.

Beliefs like this can make life feel VERY.stressful, and we can experience a lot of anxiety, depression, basically all kinds of mental, emotional, even physical pain.

But,the type of awareness I teach helps you identify and debunk those beliefs so you can clear out what’s in the way of creating what you want in your life, and sustain it.

And I’ve done it. I know this works. What I teach is what “cured” me of a lifetime of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts (and 2 attempts), lots of therapy, meds, and quick fixes that didn’t do shit.

Now, I’m blessed to be able to show you how to access this for yourself. You can. You really can. You just need to be willing to look. If you’re willing, I’m here to guide you on the most fulfilling journey of your life.

Let's do this.