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Doubts and fears, and doubts... oh my!

Enlightenment isn't what I thought it was...

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The Netri Institute 

About Anastasia Netri

I'm so honored that you're here learning more about The Netri Institute. My name is Anastasia Netri, and I'm the founder. The Netri Institute is where every piece of my life's journey and purpose comes together, and I can share all that I am with you.


I'm what you may call an "unconventional spiritual teacher," because I don't really "look" or "act" the way you may think a spiritual teacher would be. I cuss like a sailor, I don't have any magical powers, and I'm not from another planet. I'm a regular person. I can't seem to talk to dead people, animals, or anything cool like that (although I'm pretty sure if I could talk to your dog, they would ask for some more bacon. Or belly scratches. Ok, maybe I'm a little psychic.).

I'm simply a lover of truth. 

Right now the world is upside down and backwards. Lies feel more like truth and truth feels more like lies. It's normal to be stressed and feel like shit. You fit in if you keep your mouth shut, your emotions repressed, and your dreams unfulfilled. That is INSANE, and there's nothing truthful about it. 


See, for me it was awaken to the truth... or DIE. 


The big lie I told myself is "I am unwanted because I am unloveable. No one even wants me in the room." What a painful way to live! That belief led to a life of pain and anxiety, plus 2 suicide attempts and a wish for death that didn't leave me for over 20 years. 


It got to the point where I couldn't do any more damn affirmations. They didn't work, and I needed to KNOW that I had value, or I was prepared to leave the planet. Life was just too painful when I felt rejected by everyone and everything ALL THE TIME.

To overcompensate, I chased fame, money, men, status, accomplishments, beauty, popularity, but the chase never ended. No matter what I got, how much I attained, I felt empty, scared, and in intense pain. 

I knew I wanted to wake up, but honestly, I had no idea what I was walking into. I wanted the higher consciousness, the oneness, most of all: I wanted peace. Just some real, lasting peace in my life. 

In 2014, I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area in a big house, making lots of money, and even had a week off every month. I had gotten everything I ever wanted. And you know what? I was more miserable than EVER. I got the huge buzzkill dose of reality: "more shit does not make you happier." In fact, because I built everything on top of anxiety, the more I got the worse I felt.

So I burned it all down. I remember telling my Mom in February of 2015: "I don't care about any of this stuff, status, or money anymore. I'm willing to live in my car if that what it takes... I just want peace, and I'll do anything do get it."

So here we are. I didn't awaken by trying to B.S. myself. (Ok, I did try, but it didn't work.)  I awakened because I was willing to get real with myself. Deal with things that hadn't been dealt with. Feel things that hadn't been felt. Embrace things, release things, forgive myself and others, and see myself clearly.

My path of awakening now is about leading others to their truth, you to YOUR truth. I know what it takes and how to do it, and I thank god every day I stayed alive, because life has finally become something I LOVE.

So, if you're going through this, remember, this IS all leading somewhere, and I want you to know from my heart to yours: that you are indeed on the right track. This takes a lot of courage, and you have lasting peace and fulfillment on the other side of this.

Of course, I'm here as a witness and guide, to love you though it every step of the way.